New release The End - Music for films Vol.2

Two months after the first volume, Bachar Mar-Khalifé released The End - Music for films Vol. 2 on March 22 

This record contains music composed for movie soundtracks. It includes an alternate version of the iconic Ya Nas, Yalla Tnam Nada with the Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani featuring and also 4 unpublished songs such as UTOPiA featuring the Syrian singer Lynn Adib.

First compilation of movie soundtracks : The End - Music for films Vol.1


The End - Music for Films is a compilation of movie soundtracks by Bachar Mar-Khalifé, released on January 18, 2022.


For the first time the artist brings together songs he has composed for the cinema since 2013. You will find excerpts from the soundtrack of Chloé Mazlo's film "Sous le Ciel d'Alice" selected at the Cannes Film Festival in 2020, including Mona's Song written for the eponymous character and Zakrini, but also new versions of his well know songs Layla and K-Eleison.


New edition: On/Off - Ghost Songs

Available from January 21st 2022, the new edition of On/Off - Ghost Songs is a double CD digipack.

It brings together Bachar's fifth record, On/Off, and it's sequel, Ghost Songs.

Including duos with Christophe, Lynn Adib, Marcel Khalifé and Chapelier Fou.

Mona's Song piano score 

We are very pleased to offer you the piano score of Mona's Song written for the soundtrack of Chloé Mazlo movie "Sous le Ciel d'Alice". You can also find this song in the new album The End - Music for films, Vol.1.

You can find more of Bachar's transcriptions on Quick Partitions :

Click here to see the full score 👇🏽